Ultra Compact, Connected

Ultra compact in-line NIR instrument for industrial usage

Makes Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy an affordable option for your production lines

  • Ultra-compact size makes mounting possible in narrow spaces
  • Robust construction with minimal maintenance need
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Washable – IP code up to 67 depending on optical solution
  • Innovative stable sensor technology

Multiple measuring points for a total insight in the production processes

  • Low cost per instrument for multiple measuring points
  • Monitoring and quality control at all stages in the production processes
  • Optimization of raw material spending through monitoring of raw materials
  • Quality control of final product compositions
  • Accurate monitoring of transition periods between different products
  • Monitoring of product residues in cleaning water for minimizing waste
  • Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy
  • In-line in production lines
  • Ultra compact sensor technology
  • Fat, protein, moisture and many other components available
  • Real Time continuous measurements


  • Measure content of fat, protein, water, carbohydrates, and many other properties

  • Uninterrupted continuous measurements with configurable update frequency up to once per second 

  • Portability of calibrations between instruments

  • Calibrate once 

  • Mountable on tubes and tanks at sight glass

  • Optionally measuring using fiber optical probes

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