Pulp and Paper Industry

Norske Skog Saugbrugs

Paper for newspapers (newsprint) and magazines are made by Norske Skog in mills by big paper machines running day and night all through the year. Many of the people employed in these mills sit at modern computers and control the paper machines, while others work in laboratories to check that the quality of the paper is good enough.

Paper production
at Norske Skog.

Quality parameters of paper produced at Norske Skog, Saugbrugs in Halden Norway, are controlled by APIS Model-based Predictive Controllers. The model-based controllers use measured data to estimate the production states of the paper machine. The model-based controller then adjusts the manipulated controls to produce paper within quality constraints such as basis weight and ash content by manipulating controlled flows of thick stock, filler and retention aid.

The resulting control system reduces product switch times by more than 50%. Process engineer Roger Slora states: “We have obtained increased stability and product quality, less off-spec production and decreased operator specific operation”.

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