Milk & Dairy Industry

Spektron inline analysis

Compared to many food industries the dairy industry is highly developed with a high automation level. A wide range of products are produced from the one raw material; milk. Prediktor have long experience from working with the food industry, and provides robust and hygienically designed solutions for the demanding process environment encountered in this type of industry.

Spektron inline analysis

The Spektron instrument is typically used for inline analysis of fat, moisture, protein, lactose or dry matter in dairy products like milk, concentrated milk, cheese or milk powder. The Spektron is a full spectrum diode array NIR instrument purpose made for rough industrial processes like the dairy industry. With a stainless steel IP65 housing and a hygienic design, the instrument can be adapted to analysis on conveyors, in pipelines, through glass windows or with insertion probes.

The Spektron instrument provides real time multicomponent analysis, and can provide operators with real time information in trend graphs or by interface to control systems.

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