Meat Industry

Spektron inline analysis

The meat industry is a large and competitive industry worldwide. Variations in raw material composition, prices as well as availability demands focus on process control and optimization in real time. Prediktors solutions increases profit and allow real time control over the production by delivering Spektron for inline analysis of meat composition as well as Prediktor MES systems for process control, optimization and detailed traceability.

The meat industry faces great challenges from the fact that meat as a raw material is highly variable in composition, price and availability. The meat industry is highly competitive, and these variations need to be monitored and controlled to ensure optimal product composition and production efficiency.

Prediktor have long experience from meat science and industry, and have through working with the meat processing industry for many years developed a range of products and applications that ensures that our customers keep their competitive edge.

Prediktors combination of inline instrumentation and real time industrial software applications allows our customers to increase profitability by:

  • Reduction of raw material cost
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduction of labor cost
  • Reduction of administration cost
  • Improved documentation and process knowledge
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