Feed Industry

Possibly the Best On-Line NIR solution for Feed


The saying “If you want to Monitor it – Measure it” is a cliché, but it is true. On-line NIR solutions from Prediktor give you immediate NIR measurements on ingredients, intermediates or finished products, and there is no need to sample or grind feed pellets prior to analysis. NIR measurements are presented together with recipe target and limits, enabling you to make immediate corrective actions. Integration with other factory systems is a critical success factor for on-line NIR installations, and Prediktor software secure fast and efficient communication with other systems.

Prediktor solutions include software that makes it easier for you to reach your quality targets as well as other factors that are of importance for your operations. Spektron Feed software make it possible to calculate actual products cost based ingredient cost and process cost, or monitor production in tons pr man hour. The real time software from Prediktor presents NIR measurements and report your performance – all to increase your profitability.

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and the on-line solution for the feed industry Spektron Feed.

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